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Series 200
Scale WW I Kits
Laser Cut

from AC Supply

Finest Laser Cut Models Available

Series 200 Scale WW1 Model Airplane Kits have been reintroduced by Guillows. Model builders will be pleased to find they are more than just laser cut sheets in a box. Guillows legendary WW1 series all have updated packaging and balsa parts that are precision laser cut. Each kit contains plans and instruction sheets that have set the standard in the industry for over 75 years, realistic looking water release decals, lightweight wheels, detailed plastic parts that consist of radial engine, access panels, machine gun and pilot figure. Each Guillows model airplane kit is packed with ample covering tissue, balancing clay, an assembled propellor and rubber thread. As an added bonus Guillow supplies complete instructions on how to build your model three different ways, rubber powered, free flight, gas powered, and static display. These kits are the last word in scale realism for both realism for both the detail enthusiast and for those who build to fly scale WW1 models.

Part # Name List Your Cost QTY

Thomas Morse Scout
24" wing span (60.96 cm)

58.29 35.25


British SE5A
24" wing span (60.96 cm)

58.29 35.25


Nieuport 11
24" wing span (60.96 cm)

58.29 35.25


Fokker DR-1 Triplane
20" wing span (50.80 cm)

58.29 35.25

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