Thunder Tiger Mr. Mulligan
Almost Ready to Fly


The Thunder Tiger Mr. Mulligan is a great first time trainer. It is quick to finish with precolored parts and is 90% built. You can be ready to fly in an hour or two.


Wingspan: 39.37", (1000mm)

Length: 26 1/2", (675mm)

Weight completed: 16.8oz (470g)

Wing Area: 217sq in.

Motor: 370 with 2.67:1 Gearbox Ratio

Super Combo package includes:

Mr Mulligan ARF Plane, 3-channel Micro Radio, Micro Servos, Receiver (RX), 9.6v NiMh Battery, DC Quick Charger and Electronic Speed Controller.

TTR4321 Airplane only
YOUR COST: $69.99
TTR4321F04 Super Combo
YOUR COST: $179.99

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