Air Force One Airliner Electric R/C Plane ARF

  • Scale Replica of Air Force One!
  • 4 Electric Ducted Fan Jet Engines!
  • ‘Thrust Vector’ Steering Control!
  • 1000 Ft (305 m) of Flying Range!
  • Rechargeable at home or at the Flying Field!
  • 2nd Flight Battery so when one’s flying, the other can be charging!


The Estes Air Force 1 Jumbo R/C Jet is one of the largest R/C model planes available to the non - hobby market. Having a wingspan over 42 inches and a length over 3 feet, this giant size R/C jet will
appeal to customers wanting a much bigger plane to fly. Powered by 4 electric ducted fan engines, flying is made easy by using state of the art ‘Thrust Vectoring’ – changing the speeds of the engines, all monitor . Simply move the control sticks on the 4 function controller included to have the jet climb, dive, turn left and right. Control range is as far as 1000 feet and flight times can last for as long as 8 minutes! Recharging the high capacity NiMH Flight Battery is almost automatic and can be done right at the field or at home. Each plane comes with a simple to use launcher that accelerates the jet to takeoff speed for exceptionally smooth takeoffs.

Each plane is painted and decorated to near scale appearance of the real Air Force 1 used by our President and the 747 shape is licensed from Boeing. Constucted from the very tough foam material any damage from rough landings is minimized. Comes complete with radio, charger, 2 flight batteries and assembles in as little as 10 minutes. Recommended for ages 12+.


  • Wingspan: 42 in. (107 cm)
  • Length: 40in. (101.6 cm)


  • 8 – AA Alkaline Batteries - Sold Separately.

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EST4123 single pc
MSRP: $204.95
YOUR COST: $137.35

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