Estes Sky Hawker

Ready To Fly Rocket

  • No Construction needed
  • 12 in. Parachute Recovery!
  • Flies to 1000 ft. (305 m) High!

The Estes Sky Hawker ready-to-fly rocket will prey on the clouds! This sleek bird will soar over 1,000 feet (305 meters)! But don't worry about losing it in the clouds! It will return gently to the ground on its pre-assembled 12 inch (30 cm) parachute.

The Sky Hawker launches on standard Estes engines, so you can fly it over and over again.

Launch supplies and engines are required not included.

Length: 16.5" (41.9cm) Diameter: .98" (25mm) Weight: 1.48oz (42.1g)
Max Altitude: 1000ft (305m) Recovery: 12" Parachute
Fins: Plastic
Engines: A8-3, B4-4, B6-4, C6-5, C6-7

EST1894 single pc
MSRP: $17.99
YOUR COST: $10.79

"Copyright, Centuri Corp., used with permission"