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Free Flight Glider Kits from AC Supply

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Part # Name Your Cost QTY
White Wings Glider Kits (Leader in high performance paper airplanes)
White Wings Competition kit 30 pk (Sky Cub II Racers) 61.95

White Wings Biplanes set Makes 3 gliders 10.95 Temp NA

Midwest Products Glider Kits (Includes Teachers Guide)
Midwest Flip Glider 35 pc bulk pk 73.99

Midwest Star Glider 35 double pack build 70 gliders 40.32

Mid7150 Midwest Catapult Tech Glider 24 pk w/ teachers guide Catapult not included 65.72
Mid7151 Midwest Catapult Tech Glider 24 pk Glider kits only Catapult not included 45.97
Mid7152 Midwest Catapult for 7150 and 7151 19.25
Guillows Gliders
Gui4101 Guillows Goldwing Trainer 1pc First in a series of How to Build
Click here for 4 easy skill levels of model building
Gui4104 Guillows Goldwing Trainer 12 pc bulk pack 83.92
Guillows Hand Toss Gliders No Messy Glue Required

Jetfire Shown
Gui26 Eagle Glider 9inch wingspan 48 pcs no glue required 78.24
Gui30 Jetfire Glider 12inch wingspan 48 pcs no glue required 94.08
Gui35 Starfire Glider 12inch wingspan 24 pcs no glue required 60.24
Attn Groups, Clubs, Schools, and Organizations! Customize these Guillows balsa wood gliders with your logo on the wing. Click here for details and minimums

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