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This program introduces students to the principles of flight. Students learn about the history of flight from Leonardo Da Vinci & the Wright Brothers up to the creation of the stealth bomber. Through animation and full color graphics the principles of modern flight are presented including the effects of drag, lift and thrust. The students learn parts of an airplane and its function.

Through this program students will understand:

Lift - Thrust - Aileron - Laminar - Drag - Flaps - Pitching - Spoilers - Rolling - Yawing - Rudder - Turbulence - Elevators - Airfoil

An understanding of correct wing and rudder design is presented and the effects of high and low air pressure. This information will help students with their own designs.

The program comes complete with a computer-based test and an instructors grade book. The instructor can view and/or print out student grades. Also included are paper based word searches, crossword puzzles and student worksheets.

System Requirements: IBM or compatible computer, EGA or VGA graphics, DOS 3.1 or higher and a hard drive.

Part # Name Your Cost QTY
Aerospace and Flight Windows Single Station 79.00
Aerospace and Flight Windows ite License 237.00
Aerospace and Flight Windows Network 349.00

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