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White Wings Aerospace Toys - Education Series

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White WIngs Paper Airplane Educational Series
Competition kit 30 pk 61.95
Competition kit 30 pk order 6 or more 57.95

BiPlanes 3 plane set

  • 3 Precut balsa and paper gliders
    • Flying Boat II
    • Travel Air 4000
    • Negative Stagger Biplane
  • Easy to follow Instructions
  • Catapult LauncherComplete flight instructions
  • Flights can reach over 300 ft

Biplane assembly takes a while longer than a single wing plane. Assembly is not difficult, however, with Whitewings' tested instructions and the beauty of the Bi-Plane is an immense reward for the time commitment. (Pre-Cut kit)



10 Classic Airplanes (Heritage Series)
10 great flying all-paper designes for the serious modeler. Completion time from cutting-out to ready-to-fly is approximately 25-40 minutes. For ages 10+.
Complete kit includes

  • One Tube of Testor’s Wood and Metal Glue
  • Assembly Clips
  • Ruler
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Assembly, Flight and Design Directions

  1. Racer 519 “Pappy”
  2. Racer 520 Amelia
  3. Racer 521 Jacqueline
  4. Racer 523 “Billy”
  5. Light Plane 305 Wilbur
  6. Light Plane 306 Orville
  7. Phantom II
  8. “Strega” (Modified P-51 Mustang)
  9. Hercules
  10. “Voyager”

22.95 Discontinued


Sport Planes 6 Part of a Sonic Glider Series, these sport planes are realistically designed and are as suitable for display as they are for flying. All six are precut and includes:

* 6 Balsa/fiber precut sport planes
* 24 page flight manual
* Catapult launcher


16.93 Discontinued

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