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Dragster Parts
Browse CO2 dragster car parts and bulk CO2 cartridges below. For other items look to the left.

CO2 Cartridges
May only be shipped to teachers at schools
8 gram CO2 cartridge w/safety seal used in our Metric Dragsters (Works with all gates!)
ACR800 8 Gram CO2 Cartridge $.55
ACR8100 8 Gram CO2 Cartridges 100pcs $49.99
Basswood Body Blanks w/predrilled hole
AC501 12" x 1-5/8" x 2-3/4"
$2.59 ea
100+ $2.49 ea

Balsa Body Blanks w/predrilled hole
AC502 12" x 1-5/8" x 2-3/4"
$3.09 ea
100+ $2.99 ea
Foam Body Blanks
A copy of a 12" body blank to be used to design your prototype.
FBB12 Foam 12" Body Blank $.65
Foam Cutters
You can choose from either AC electric hot wire cutter or DC battery operated foam cutter. Battery operated version requires 3 C batteries. They have about a 3 spread between the wires!
WOO1435 AC Electric Foam Cutter $39.95
WOO1436 Replacement wire for 1435 $2.98
Hot Knife
This hot knife can be used to cut foam with the included #11 blade. It can also be used as a soldering iron.
XAC73780 Electric Hot Knife $17.98

Parts Bags
2 ea front and rear spoke wheels,
4 brass washers,
2 screw eyes,
1 ea front and rear axle,
1 CO2 8 gram cartridge.
The same bag that comes with our cars.
PBG100 CO2 Dragster Parts Bag $1.99 ea
100+ $1.94 ea
PBG200 CO2 Dragster Parts Bag / NO CARTRIDGE $1.79 ea
100+ $1.69 ea
APL180 Spoke type front wheels - 100 pcs $10.99
APL250 Spoke type rear wheels - 100 pcs $10.99
AXL180 1/8" - 2-1/2 long - 100 pcs $3.89 ea
10+ $3.54 ea
AXL1801 1/8" - 2-1/4 long - 100 pcs $3.89 ea
10+ $3.54 ea
Screw Eyes
SCR100 1/4" Normal - 100 pcs $3.99 ea
10+ $3.89 ea
Brass Washers
BRW100 Brass #6 Washers - 100 pcs $2.99
10+ $2.89 ea
STR500 Box of 500 4.95
Dragster Storage Boxes
These are the same sturdy white corrugated boxes used in our new kits. They open from both ends, not on top or bottom, so they hold small parts better. They are not made out of chipboard but E flute white cardboard!
DRB100 Dragster Box 0.66
Dragster Instruction Books
The same dragster car instruction books used in our CO2 dragsters.
ACM5000 Dragster instruction book 0.63
Speed Graphite Lubricant
The very best lubricant for dragsters. Use powdered graphite to reduce drag on axles. A must for serious racers!
WOO358 Tube Graphite 3.99
Speed White Teflon Lubricant
Another slick lubricant used when black graphite is too messy!
WOO355 Tube White teflon w/molybdenum 3.99

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Dragster Parts
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