Black Brant II
Estes Model Rocket Kit
Skill Level: 2 (Explorer)


Length: 24.9
Diameter: 1.33
Weight: 3oz
Fins: Laser Cut Wood
Recovery : 18" Parachute
Recommended Engines: D12-5, D12-7
Maximum Altitude: 1300ft

3/16" Maxi Rod required (EST2244) Sold seperately

Guess who’s back! After 20 years in hiatus, the Black Brant II kit is rejoining the Estes line! The beloved Brant is sporting the same classic design from the 90s,
however it’s now reproduced with laser cut wood fins and plastic toothpicks. Fun to build and exhilarating to fly, this rocket is one of the highest flying model rockets in the Estes scale collection.

The Black Brant family of sounding rockets was made in Canada in the late 50s. More than a half century later, highly reliable Black Brant rockets are still carrying
scientific payloads to high altitude. Second in the series, the 28 foot long rocket first flew in 1960. It was eventually succeeded by the smaller but more powerful Black Brant III.

A stunning model, the Estes Black Brant II is a 1:13 scale replica of one of the earliest in the group. Standing nearly 25 inches tall, this impressive rocket is loaded with scale details.
Finish your rocket with detailed waterslide decals and an 18 inch pre-assembled parachute for gentle recoveries. Use the recommended Estes D-12 engines (not included) to reach heights of 1300 feet.
Build and fly your Black Brant II today!

MSRP: $23.99
YOUR COST: $14.39

"Copyright, Estes Rockets LLC., used with permission"