Nike Apache

Skill Level 1

Length: 23" (58.4cm) Diameter: 1.33" (34mm)
Weight: 1.8oz (51g)

Fins: Laser cut wood
Recovery : 12" Parachute
Recommended Engines:
A8-3, B4-4, B6-4, C6-5, C6-7

Maximum Altitude: 925ft

Another classic kit has returned to the Estes line! And did we mention it's a "scale" kit? While some "scale" kits are quite the challenge to build, the Nike Apache rocket kit is not! A skill level 1 kit, that's were beginners start and become expert builders! A fairly lightweight rocket combined with an Estes C engine, you can expect some amazing altitude out of the Estes Nike Apache!

MSRP: $16.49
YOUR COST: $9.89

"Copyright, Centuri Corp., used with permission"