Estes SA2061 Sasha Rocket
Skill Level 3 Rocket Kit

A long-time hobbyist’s dream build, this high powered model rocket kit is what Estes model rocketry is all about.
Based off of a Russian military spaceship, the Estes Sasha is a scale-like model that would be a spectacular addition to any
hobby rocket collection.

Durable and rugged this bad boy has two stages to lift the 6.1 ounce rocket into ‘outer space’.
Powered by two D or E engines, the Sasha can soar to 2300 feet high. An 18 inch parachute will safely return the
main rocket down to earth as the booster tumbles gently down to the ground. Once grounded, this 31-inch tall rocket
will command respect when on display in any hobbyist’s collection.

Length: 31.1"

Max Altitude:

Recovery: 18" parachute and Tumble
Fins: Laser Cut wood
Engines: Single Stage: E12-6*
Two Stage: Booster*: D12-0, E12-0 Second Stage: E12-8
Launch System

Porta Pad II and E Launch Controller

Launch Rod Size

3/16" Maxi Rod (Sold Separately)

EST7271 single pc
MSRP: $29.99
YOUR COST: $17.99

"Copyright, Estes Rockets LLC., used with permission"