Mammoth E2X PSII Pro

Estes Model Rocket Kit
Skill Level:
Pro Series II E2X

Quick Overview

Pro Series II E2X (Easy to Assemble)

Ready to fly in just a couple of hours!

ATTENTION: Requires PS II Launch Base (3552) with 1/4" launch rod or Porta-Pad E Launch Pad (2238)
and E Launch Controller (2230) with 30' of wire - Sold Separately

Pro Series II E2X(Easy to Assemble)

This Estes model rocket is big, MAMMOTH big! Standing 59.1 inches tall, wow what a MAMMOTH! From our E2X line with metallic body tubes and a 24 inch red nylon parachute,
the Estes Mammoth rocket won't get lost in the sky! Easy to track, regardless of how high it flies! And if you boost it using the 9752 Estes Pro Series II Booster, it will go out of sight!

Length: 59.1"(150.1cm) Diameter: 2.0" (5.1cm)
Weight: 13.3oz (377g)

Fins: Plastic
Recovery : 24" Nylon Parachute
Recommended Engines: E16-6, E16-8, F15-6, F15-8
Maximum Altitude: 1600ft, with Pro Series II Booster: 2600ft

MSRP: $51.99
YOUR COST: $31.19

"Copyright, Centuri Corp., used with permission"