Prowler E2X Launch Set PSII Pro

Estes Model Rocket Launch Set
Skill Level:
Pro Series II E2X
Quick Overview
Pro Series II E2X (Easy to Assemble)

The Estes Prowler rocket comes with a complete launch system! What a deal.

ATTENTION: Requires PS II Launch Base (3552) with 1/4" launch rod or Porta-Pad E Launch Pad (2238)
and E Launch Controller (2230) with 30' of wire - Sold Separately

Pro Series II E2X(Easy to Assemble)

We just made the "big boy" toys easier than ever! Now available in our Easy to Assemble format,
the Estes Prowler is the only member of the new E2X series that comes with a complete rocket launch kit!
We've included the ever popular E Launch Controller and the Porta-Pad E launch base to launch the Prowler
and can also be used to launch all the Pro Series II rockets.

Length: 34.1" (86.6cm) Diameter: 2.0" (5.1cm)
Weight: 9oz (255.1g)

Fins: Plastic
Recovery : 18" Nylon Parachute
Recommended Engines: E16-6, F15-6, F15-8
Maximum Altitude: 2000ft (610m), with Pro Series II Booster: 3000ft (914m)

MSRP: $99.99
YOUR COST: $59.99

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