Estes V-2 Missile EST3228

The Estes V2 model rocket is a large semi-scale version of the World War II ground-to-ground ballistic missile is impressive in the air and on display. The original german version stood 46 feet high and weighed over 14 tons and could travel as much as 200 miles at nearly 2000 MPH. The Estes version can reach heights up to 350 feet (107m).

Length: 22.4" (56.9cm) Diameter: 2.6" (66.04mm) Weight: 6.3oz. (178.6g)
Fins: Balsa Recommended Engines: C11-3, D12-3, E9-4*, E9-6*
Requires 3/16" maxi rod sold seperately
* E engines require the Porta Pad "E" Launch pad (2238) and the Estes E Launch Controller (2230) sold seprately

MSRP: $26.99
YOUR COST: $16.19

"Copyright, Centuri Corp., used with permission"