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Elementary Physical Science
K'Nex Intro to Simple Machines: Gears
Price: $33.99
Grades 3-5

Builds 7 different replicas of real-world models with K'Nex Gears. This elementary science kit includes color-coded building instructions with real-life photos and key facts for each model. Models demonstrate 2 spur gear examples, 2 crown gear examples and 2 sprocket gear examples. 198 K’NEX Rods and Connectors support 2-3 students working as a team. This K'Nex kit comes packaged in a strong plastic storage case with movable dividers and transparent lockable lid.
Key Concepts
  • Making work easier
  • W = Fd (Work equals force times distance)
  • Ideal Mechanical Advantage
  • Actual Mechanical Advantage
  • Gear Ratios
  • Spur Gears
  • Crown Gears
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Energy Transfer
  • Chain Driven Systems

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