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Secondary Physical Science
K'NEX Roller Coaster Physics
Price: $219.99
Grades 10-12

K'NEX Roller Coaster Physics is a 2,037 piece set to build 11 different classic roller coaster designs, including: a large roller coaster with clothoid loop, half pipes (with loops), inclined planes (with curves and loops), ball ramps. Build two large models simultaneously. One motor Included. Compatible with datalogging sensors from Vernier, Pasco, Texas Instruments. K'NEX Roller Coaster Physics includes a 59-page teacherís guide with 9 full lesson plans; formative rubrics; correlates with National Math and Science Standards. Supports 8 students in grades 10-12. The K'NEX toy roller coaster set is stored in 3 large silver storage trays, with movable dividers and snap-on lids.
Key Concepts
  • Measurement in 3-D (Trigonometry)
  • Time-of Flight
  • Uniform Acceleration
  • Designing Experiments
  • Elastic Collisions in 2-Dimensions
  • Projectile Motion
  • Centripetal Force and Acceleration
  • Centripetal Force in a Vertical Direction
  • Weightiness and Weightlessness
  • The Physics of the Clothoid Loop
  • Collecting, Charting, and reporting experimental results

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