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Secondary Physical Science
K'Nex Amusement Park Experience
Price: $219.99
Grades 6-9

Use the K'Nex Amusement Park Experience to build classic rides including a roller coaster with clothoid loop, carousel, Ferris wheel, pirate ship (classic pendulum), scrambler, swing and boom rides, plus half pipe and inclined plane ramp systems (with circular loop). Explore gearing options for rotating rides. Students can build at least one roller coaster model at a time, or build any two of the smaller rides simultaneously. These physical science set is compatible with data logging sensors from Vernier, Pasco and Texas Instruments. K'Nex Amusement Park Experience supports 6-8 students working collaboratively.
Key Concepts
  • Relationship between Speed, Distance, and Time
  • Relationship between Mass and Speed
  • Variables in an experiment
  • Mass, Motion, and Energy Loss
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Transfer of energy
  • Slope as a rate of change
  • Displacement
  • Period of a Pendulum System
  • Prediction of Patterns
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Understanding Patterns, relations, and functions
  • Formulate questions
  • Gather, analyze, and interpret data
  • Mathematics as an investigative tool

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