Powerhouse "Green Edition"
by Thames and Kosmos

Green Essentials Edition

To live sustainably, we must use Earth's resources at a rate at which they can be replenished, and thus provide for future generations to live as we have. In this alternative energy kit, you can learn about sustainable living by conducting experiments and building energy-related models. Thirty of the best experiments and the ten most important building projects from the original Thames and Kosmos Power House kit are presented in this new Green Essentials Edition.

The ten building projects include: the power house itself, a greenhouse, a solar cell array, a passive solar collector, a solar oven, an air conditioner, a refrigerator, a hydrometer, a lemon battery, and a wind power generator.

Experiment with the heating, cooling, and insulation of the house and greenhouse with this alternative energy kit. Test passive solar collection methods with a solar collector. Assemble a solar power array to explore active solar power with photovoltaics. Build a model refrigerator and air conditioner to learn about heat transfer. Experiment with a lemon battery to learn about power storage. Set up a wind turbine to generate electricity from the wind.

As you perform the experiments, you will read the diary entries of a group of young explorers who are learning to live a sustainable existence on an island. To survive, they must implement real-world versions of the projects you are doing in the kit. Thames & Kosmos Power House: Green Edition for ages 10 and up.

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