Doc Fizzix Can Dew Kit

Mousetrap Racer


The Can-Dew mousetrap race car is designed to carry a full sized soda can over a 15 meter distance. Can-Dew has a special cargo bay that will hold a full sized soda can, egg, large mass, or just about anything you can dream up. Can-Dew is designed to maximize the mousetrap race car's energy output over a 75% greater travel distance while reducing the overall loss of energy from friction and increasing efficiency. Can-Dew's secret to success is the design of its high torque gearing system that generates a tremendous amount of torque and power output capable of carrying large loads over great distances. Can-Dew can be assembled in less than 30 minutes and will travel from 15-20 meters with a full soda can for most first time builders.


Length - 21 inches
Width - 6 inches
Lever Arm - 12 inches

DF1716 The Basic Kit II

YOUR COST: $14.49

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