Doc Fizzix DVD Layer Wheel & Axle

for Mousetrap Racers


Give yourself the winning edge over the rest of the competition. DVD Layers have halth the thickness and have half the roational inertia of a normal CD. Vehicles that use DVD layers require less pulling force and will see an increase in travel distance from 5-15 meters more than with CDs because more of the mosetrap's energy goes into the forward motion of your vehicle instead of the rotational motion of the wheels. Also, DVD layers will have much less air-friction than normal CD wheels. Tith this wet-up you get everything you need to attach your DVD Layers to your vehicle including axles, spacers, thrust washers, and step-by-step plans. Set includes the following: 4-clear DVD layers, 8-DVD/CD spacers, brass axle tubing, 4-thrust bearings, axle hook, Kevlar string and step-by-step plans

DF1726 DVD Layer Wheel & Axle
YOUR COST: $6.89

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