Star Glider.jpg (16056 bytes) Doc Fizzix CD/DVD Wheel Spacer Set

for Mousetrap Racers


The Doc Fizzix CD/DVD wheel spacer set is a must have for all mousetrap racers. The CD/DVD Wheel Spacer Set is designed to fit perfectly inside the hole of a normal CD/DVD so it can then be attached to a standard sized 3/16" brass axle. These CD/DVD spacers are made of flexible rubber and are designed for mousetrap powered racers. Not just for wheels, these spacers can also be used to center an axle between the frame of your vehicle in order to cut down on the "side to side" movement of an axle. This is a hard to find item and is really a "must have" part for making a mousetrap powered racer. The Doc Fizzix CD/DVD wheel spacer set comes in a pack of 20 with a complete step-by-step instruction guide.

DF1728 CD/DVD Wheel Spacer Set
YOUR COST: $5.89

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