OWI solar car.jpgOWI Solar Car

Sleek, powerful, unearthly and very cool. This futuristic OWI solar car kit is an exciting way to demonstrate the use of alternative energy. The OWI solar car kit features an aerodynamic sports car shell design, a 4 wheel chassis, a powerful 1.4vot, 350 ma solar cell (included) and a transparent plastic body that can be painted or left clear to show the car's inner mechanical construction. The steerable front axle, rear wheel and adjustable (directional/angle) solar panel mount are all independent parts, allowing for separate solar projects.
The Triple action solar car has 3 actions

  1. The two-way battery source for battery or solar power
  2. The kit design is an aerodynamic racer or tractor
  3. It features a multi speed transmission
    1 AA Battery required (not included)
OWI685 Single Pc
YOUR COST: $36.93

"Copyright, OWI used with permission"