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Shopping Cart Info

Adding Items to Your Shopping Cart:
To add an item to your shopping cart, look for the white field (located on each product page) like this. Insert the quantity of the item you want in the field and click on the "Add to your Shopping Cart" Button (pictured below).

Viewing the Items in Your Cart:
To View what you have added to your shopping cart, click on the "View Your Shopping Cart" Button (pictured below).

How to Finish your Order:
After you're done adding items and would like to finish your order, click on the "Go To Checkout Now" Button (pictured below).

From the Checkout Menu, you can either order through Secure E-mail On-line, by fax or by postal mail.

To Order On-Line with your Credit Card: Click the 'Order By Credit Card Online' button, proceed to fill out the billing information and then submit it.

To Order by Fax: Click on the 'Order by Credit Card Using Fax' button, fill out the neccesary information, and submit the form. This will return a clean form with your order that you can print, then fax to: 800-466-4354.

To Order by Postal Mail: Click on either the 'Order by Check through Postal Mail' or 'Order by Credit Card through Postal Mail' button, fill out all neccesary information, and then submit it. This will also return a clean, printable form containing your order and information. Print the form out and mail it to: A/C Supply Co; PO Box 1523; 1746 Winding Glen Drive; St. Charles, MO 63303.

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