Robotic Arm Edge
Trainer Kit

This NEW OWI Robotic Arm Edge teaches the basic robotic sensing and locomotion principles while testing your motor skills as you build and control your arm. You can command this unit with its five switch, wired controller to grab, release, lift, lower, rotate wrist and pivot sideways 350 degrees. After assembling the robotic arm trainer kit, observe dynamics of gear mechanisms through the transparent arm. five motors and five joints allow for flexibility and fun. Educators and home-schoolers find the
PC interface(optional) very useful learning tools
  • Five axes of motion
  • Base to rotate left and right: 350 degrees
  • Shoulder moving range: 120 degrees
  • Elbow moving range: 135 degrees
  • Wrist rotate CW & CCW: 340 degrees
  • Gripper open and close: 2 inches
  • Power source: 4 D Batteries (not included)
MSRP: $79.95
YOUR COST: $44.99