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4 Fantastic Gift Ideas for Model Hobbyists

  • 25 Oct 2022

The holidays are coming up and you want to avoid going with the standard gifts. After all, there are only so many sweaters someone can have before things start to get redundant. The trick to giving the best gifts is knowing the person. Knowing their likes, dislikes, and favorite hobbies. Here are four fantastic gift ideas for model hobbyists.

A Sketchbook

Serious model hobbyists always have a beginning stage. They need to properly envision their next model. Getting them a brand-new sketchbook helps them get the original design out of the way. Depending on the hobby, it might take them a couple of sketches before landing on one that’s suitable.

Aside from creating the design, they can work out any calculations that may prevent them from building a successful model. Plus, if they’re into model bridges, they’ll need to sketch the base design first, then place the miniature balsa wood sticks on the sketch to get the exact scale.

Display Case

They’re proud of their hobby and helping them showcase their pride is always a great gift. A new display case or shelf is an excellent solution. Their current one might be full, or they may not have one to begin with. Do a little recon first to see what size you’ll need to purchase for their current models.

It’s vital you find a size that accommodates all their models. Additionally, this display case can act as a resting base for their ongoing projects. Most models aren’t completed overnight, so they will need a place to store them during breaks.

Model Kits

Model kits seem like a no-brainer. You know what models they’re into, so why not get them that one kit they’ve had their eyes on for a while? Or maybe there is a deluxe and extremely complex kit they don’t even know about.

Here at AC Supply, we sell model kits for enthusiasts, as well as model hobby supplies. These supplies can also act as educational materials for the classroom. Students can learn and have a ball. We’ve got items for model rockets, airplanes, and balsa wood bridges. And our supplies definitely beat any sweaters you might have considered for a gift.

Acrylic Paints

Art is a key component in building models. While crafting models requires a lot of science and math, some artwork makes an appearance, too. Modelers will always need paint. Painting the model might be the most peaceful part of the project. It’s relaxing and gives them a chance to be creative and put their mark on the design.

Before choosing a type and color, get a little background information first. Survey their previous models and see what colors they enjoy using the most. Ask if they prefer acrylic or enamel. You don’t want to purchase one they’ll never use.

Coming up with a fantastic gift idea is easy once you figure out what your model hobbyist loves most about their hobby, and Midwest Model Supply has everything you need for their gifts this holiday season. For more information, visit our website.