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A Quick Guide To Choosing Your First Rocket Kit

  • 11 Nov 2022

Launching a model rocket is exciting and thrilling. Even the most experienced launchers enjoy setting one off no matter how often they’ve done it, and it’s even more exciting if you’re new to the field. However, being inexperienced means you probably have a lot to learn. Before you get into the complicated logistics of it all, we’ve got a quick guide to choosing your first rocket kit.

Skill Level

There is a skill level for every model rocket. It’s crucial you know your skill level before moving forward in the building and launching process. Naturally, if you are a beginner, you should choose a level zero or one.

However, to ensure you are fully informed, here is a guide on what each level requires:

  • Skill level zero: These models are for beginners and are easy to build. They come practically ready for flight, taking only a couple of hours to put together.
  • Skill level one: Models in this level are a step up for beginners but are still easy to assemble. Rocketeers can build and launch these models on the same day, as only minimal sanding, cutting, and painting are needed.
  • Skill level two: These models have more complex fins, so you need some experience to assemble these rockets properly.
  • Skill level three: These models are for advanced model builders. They come with larger engines and complicated materials.
  • Skill level four: These models cater to experts only, commonly adults and instructors. These models require complex construction and advanced power.

Type of Rocket

After identifying your skill level, you need to choose the best rocket kit for you. As previously stated, the best rocket kit for beginners is one that comes mostly preassembled.

An Estes is the most common model rocket starter set that meets this criterium. This model has a lot of options for beginners, so your skill level doesn’t have to limit you to just one Estes model style.

Protective Measures

Ensuring your kit contains the proper protective measures is important for a successful launch. First and foremost, the kit you choose needs to come with flameproof materials, as fire will be the biggest risk at play.

Your kit should also have recovery wadding which is a piece of tissue manufactured to make it flame resistant. You need this tissue to protect the parachute of streamers from the hot gases during the ejection charge.

Choosing your first rocket kit is exciting, and at AC Supply, we want to help by providing you with advice and the best supplies. For more information, visit our website.