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5 Reasons Model Rocketry Is a Great Hobby for All Ages

  • 27 Jul 2022

Choosing the perfect hobby is no easy task since there are countless options. However, building model rockets is a wonderful pastime for people. It gives you a chance to get creative as you assemble the rocket. You also learn about something new as you unwind with a fun pastime. Below, we’ll dive into five reasons model rocketry is a great hobby for all ages!

Reason 1: It’s Educational

Arguably, every hobby has some educational benefit. For example, collecting coins can encourage individuals to learn about currency or different historical periods. Likewise, building model rockets come with various educational benefits within the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields.

Building model rockets is a great way to learn astronomy and space flight mechanics. Likewise, you must think like an engineer and use math to measure and assemble your rocket. Building one also helps you harness your reading and retention skills since following the instructions is vital to creating a model rocket.

Further the Educational Benefits

If you try this hobby and find you love it, you may want to learn more about outer space or engineering. Take the educational benefits one step further by planning a trip to your local science museum or planetarium to get up close and personal with real rockets.

Reason 2: It Allows for Creativity

When we think of creativity, “coloring outside the lines” is the first thing that comes to mind. But model rockets encourage creativity as much as typical artistic tasks like drawing or painting. You’re building something, and once you assemble the rocket, you get to paint it.

Bonus Reason: It’s Fun

Many people love building model rockets because it’s fun! With this hobby, you fully engage your mind and body, then see the payoff as you launch your rocket.

Reason 3: It Encourages Problem-Solving

Building a model rocket requires critical thinking skills. When you adopt a hobby like this and regularly challenge your mind, you’ll discover new ways to view and solve problems. Sometimes, there’s only one solution, but other issues have several answers. When you build your model rocket, you may feel unsure at times or run into a few problems, but you'll find the answer by taking a moment to evaluate the situation.

Problem-solving is an important life skill. And by encouraging children to get into rocketry, you also help them improve these skills. Likewise, some adults need to improve this ability. Getting into rocketry allows for a fun pastime that also enhances how we tackle problems.

Reason 4: It Allows for Teamwork

Rocketry is a great way to bond with others. Why? Because whether you collaborate with family, friends, or classmates, you work as a team. A parent can help their child assemble a rocket, or two adults can work side-by-side to build their own. Either way, you cooperate with others and have someone by your side if you need help or have questions.

Hobbies are also great for leaping into a new community of people and making new friends. Plenty of people love rocketry, and by joining this community, you can establish these relationships while also doing something you love. Others in the community may also direct you to the coolest models or have tips on building rockets.

Reason 5: It Improves Confidence

The final reason model rocketry is a great hobby for all ages is that it builds confidence, which is crucial at any age. The strong faith in ourselves helps push us to make new friends in school and speak up at work. Harnessing a new skill isn’t easy. When you build rockets, you combine fine motor skills with many skills, including reading, logic, scientific understanding, and mathematics. All these exercise your brain, and the finished product is something you can be proud of.

Better yet, after completing one rocket, you can move to the next difficulty level to continue challenging yourself and building your confidence. Once you’ve mastered this art, you can teach others how to engage in this hobby, further elevating your confidence and helping others.

Tips for Finding the Right Model Rocket Kit

Finding a suitable model rocket kit depends on your age and skill level. Typically, those new to rocketry begin with Level 0 kits because they’re simple, and their instructions are more straightforward. While leaping to a high skill level may feel tempting to an adult getting into this hobby, it isn’t necessarily the right answer. Higher-level rockets are more complex, and you don’t want to risk getting frustrated or giving up on this pastime because the challenge was too big.

If you purchase your rocket online, you should also pay extra attention to the labeling. Often, companies sell both single rockets and bulk packs. If you plan to do this hobby by yourself, you don’t want to end up with a whole pack of them. On the other hand, if you lead a youth group and want them to try something new, you’ll need to order in bulk.

Shop Online

At AC Supply, you can buy model rockets online! We have various skill levels and kit types available so that everyone can find what they need to engage in this fun and educational hobby.

Final Tips for Building Your Rocket

Once you get your kit, it’s time to assemble your rocket! Before diving into things, remember to lay out all your pieces in organized piles so that you don’t lose anything.

Set Aside Enough Time

The time it takes to assemble a rocket depends on your skill level. For instance, Level 0 rockets usually take a few hours, but Pro Level ones can take a few days to complete. If you don’t know how long it’ll take, glance through the directions before diving into things so that you can build in an area with enough space. You don’t want to leave pieces all over the main living space at home if it takes several days to make the rocket since you could lose or break parts.

Building rockets is a great way to decompress, learn something new, and improve important life skills. Get into a hobby that’s perfect for all age groups!