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How Can You Thicken Acrylic Paint for Models?

  • 26 Sep 2023

Building model planes, rockets, and cars is a fun way to relieve stress and learn more about STEM subjects. Whether you teach STEM in a classroom or build models independently, you may encounter a situation where your model paint needs more consistency and thickness. Continue reading to learn how you can thicken acrylic paint for models and improve the longevity of your painting.

Proven Ways To Thicken Acrylic Paint

While many household hacks can thicken acrylic paint, they do not always produce the best long-term results. To learn how you can thicken acrylic paint for models, your best bet is to find a heavy-body acrylic gel with thickening elements. Adding acrylic gel will thicken the paint without degrading the strength of the dried paint film. However, it could affect the opacity of the paint, so you may need to apply several coats to improve the pigmentation of your model painting.

You can also use modeling paste to thicken your acrylic paint. However, since modeling paste is white, it can change the color of your acrylic paint and will speed up the drying time. You should consider this when using modeling paste as a thickening agent.

Choosing the Right Materials

It is important to check product labels to determine which acrylic gel or modeling paste to use. The packaging will tell you whether a gel or paste dries opaque, has a matte or gloss finish, and will change the paint color you mix it in. You should try different gels or pastes to test how they impact the quality and texture of your modeling paint.

Benefits of Using Acrylic Paint for Models

Whether you are a professional artist or a student painting a model from a rocket hobby shop, you have probably used acrylic paint to complete a project. Acrylic paint is incredibly versatile; people can apply it to different surfaces. Here are some of the top benefits of using acrylic paint for models.

  • It has a quick drying time
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It comes in a range of consistencies
  • It adheres to many surfaces
  • It produces few odors or fumes
  • It can alter the properties of the paint

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