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How Should You Display Your Finished Model Kits?

  • 29 Feb 2024

As a model kit enthusiast, you’ve spent countless hours meticulously assembling, painting, and perfecting your creations. So it’s only natural that you’d want to showcase them in a manner that does your hard work and dedication justice. Discover how to display your finished model kits in a way that enhances their beauty and adds a personal touch to your space.

Get a Display Case

One of the best ways to exhibit your model kits is in a display case. Display cases protect your models from dust and accidental damage. They also add an air of professionalism to your collection.

Consider the size and number of your models when selecting a case. A glass-fronted case is ideal for displaying intricate details, while a wooden-framed case can give a warm, traditional feel. LED lights inside the case can bring your models to life, especially in a dimly lit room.

Build a Floating Shelf

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, building a floating shelf can be a rewarding project. Floating shelves offer a clean, modern look and make your models appear like they’re floating themselves! This approach is fantastic for people with limited floor space, and you can stagger multiple shelves to create a visually appealing layout. You can also paint or stain the shelves to match your room’s decor.

Make Space on Your Bookshelf

Integrating your models into an existing bookshelf is a smart and space-efficient way to display your finished model kits. You can tell a story by pairing your models with literature or other memorabilia. For example, a model ship might sit next to maritime history books, or a space shuttle model might be adjacent to the astronomy guides.

Take Photographs of Your Finished Models

In this digital age, displaying your models isn’t confined to traditional methods. You can take high-quality photographs of your finished models and display them as artwork throughout your home. You can even share these photos online to attract a wider audience. Create a digital album or start a social media page dedicated to your creations; this approach will serve as a digital archive of your work.

It’s important to complement the model-building experience by showing the world your finished model kits. Whether you choose a classic display case or digital photography, each method highlights the beauty and intricacy of your models. So, as you ponder your next model rocket starter set from AC Supply, think about how you’ll showcase it—your display choices are as limitless as your imagination.