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The Best Types of Glue To Use for Model Rockets

  • 28 Dec 2023

When helping students build a model rocket, you may have questions about the type of glue you should use. Finding the right adhesive for your model rocket is paramount. Like any hands-on project, the right tools can make a significant difference in the outcome, and your glue choice will help determine the durability and safety of your model rocket. Here are the best types of glue to use for model rockets.

Wood Glue

While model rocket building kits often come with a variety of materials, the kits typically include several wood components. For these wooden parts, nothing beats the old faithful—PVA wood glue. It is easy to apply, dries clear, and provides a sturdy bond for wood-to-wood connections. Plus, it is relatively safe to use, making it a favorite for younger rocket enthusiasts.

Plastic Cement

If you are working with plastic parts, plastic cement is your best friend. This adhesive works by slightly melting the plastic, allowing the parts to bond when it dries. The result? A seamless and durable bond that helps hold your model rocket parts together.

White Glue

Most people assume that standard white glue is too simplistic for model building. While it is not the strongest adhesive on the market, it is water-soluble, making it perfect for attaching lightweight paper parts or for jobs that could require adjustments before drying completely. Plus, it is non-toxic and easy to clean up, making it ideal for beginners and school projects.


Epoxy is a two-component adhesive that, when mixed, forms a very strong bond. It is great for model rocket parts that need a super strong connection, like motor mounts or the spots where the wings meet the body. Epoxy comes in various setting times, from five-minute quick sets to longer curing times. A longer setting epoxy is advisable for more delicate parts of your rocket.

Tips for Using Glue in Model Rocketry

After finding the best types of glue to use for model rockets, you must teach your students the proper application methods. Classroom safety is important, especially when handling strong adhesives. Here are our top tips for using glue in model rocketry:

  • Always work in a well-ventilated area, especially when using potent adhesives like CA glue or epoxy.
  • Test the adhesive on a small piece first. A test run will help you see whether your glue reacts negatively to the material.
  • Remember that patience is key. Allow the adhesive to cure fully before moving on to the next step. Following this advice will help ensure optimal strength and durability.

If you are searching for the perfect adhesive, contact the experts at AC Supply. We carry a range of adhesives for model building and will help you find the right options for your model rocket. We also provide educational model kits that are perfect for elementary and middle school students.